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Company Profile

Suparee is a professional automotive lighting technology company originating from Japan. The founder, Mr. Shinichi Kobayashi, started his first job in the research, development, and design of automotive lamps right after graduating from university. During his work, he discovered the drawbacks of some large companies' processes and ways of doing things, coupled with many colleagues' rigid working attitudes. This led him to make a determination to design his own automotive lighting products. Thus, Suparee was born.

From an initial one-man team consisting of only Shinichi Kobayashi, Suparee has grown into a team of 300 people over the past 15 years. We started in a cramped office and have since developed our own research and development room, design room, factory, and finished product testing laboratory. These 15 years have been filled with hardships and challenges. From initially being ignored, selling only five sets of products per month, to now gaining recognition and trust from some users, Suparee has grown steadily, step by step.

In 2022, Suparee was selected as one of the top 10 automotive lighting products in Japan, a moment we had been waiting for far too long. We are grateful to the users who have always believed in and purchased our products. In 2023, we decided to expand into the American market. We know that Japanese cars have always been well-liked by American users. However, as a brand originating from Japan, it is not easy to establish a foothold in the ever-changing American market. To this end, we have increased our investment in the research and development of automotive lighting for the American market and the study of American vehicle models. We have also sought to understand the difficulties and pain points American users face when replacing vehicle lights, and optimized our product design accordingly.

In 2023, we released our first automotive lighting product designed specifically for the American market – the H7 LED automotive headlight series. We know that American users place more emphasis on the actual product experience and after-sales service. In 2024, the Suparee brand website was officially launched. We hope to gain more user attention and introduce them to our brand and the latest products we have developed.

The first 15 years can be said to be our exploratory stage, and the journey was extremely difficult. In the next 15 years, we look forward to working with users who love our products to create the safest and most personalized automotive lights. We want to tell the world that automotive lights do not have to be all the same; they can also showcase unique personalities and enhance our driving experience. Suparee will continue to focus on the field of automotive lighting and bring higher-quality and more professional products and services to users worldwide.
Technical personnel are researching the product

Technical personnel are researching the product

We believe that technology and users' lives are inseparable. We iterate our products by combining user needs with technology and craftsmanship to create our products.

Car headlight illumination test

Car headlight illumination test

Suparee headlights undergo more than 5000 lighting tests before leaving the factory to ensure that the quality and standards of each product meet factory specifications

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