SUPAREE D3S D3R LED Headlight Bulbs 70W Bright LED Conversion Kits

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D3S led headlight bulb

SUPAREE is committed to continuous exploration and innovation by providing consumers with ultimate experience through innovative, high-performance and reliable automotive lighting products, with superior customer support. Choosing SUPAREE, your satisfaction is driving force of continuous progress.


  • 【Brightness Increased by 380%】 SUPAREE built-in custom LED chips with 6000K diamond white lighting and 70W per bulb. The brightness of the D3S led headlights bulb is 380% brigher than that of the original hid headlights to give you the best visibility while driving.
  • 【Safety Ensured in All Wheather】D3S D3C LED headlight bulbs are made of high-end technology of high-density 6063 aviation aluminum. Its internal circuit is fully insulated and gives IP68 waterproof performance. Ensure safer driving in extreme weather like rainy, snowy, foggy days.
  • 【Perfect Appearance Designed in Bulbs】SUPAREE D3S D3R led headlights bulb with all-aluminum and a cooling fan creates an intelligent temperature system to dissipate heat fast and efficiently. Plug and play installation design has no need any modifications and tools.
  • 【Longer Lifespan Sustained than Origin】SUPAREE applies almost 1:1 car mold same as origin. D3R D3S led headlight bulb with 12000 Lumens is 10 times longer than origin with a stable light output and a lifespan of over 30,000 hours.
  • 【Models Matched up to 99%】D3S D3R D3C LED headlights bulbs have an intelligent decoding system to match 99% of the models on the market with no interference and no fault lights. We provide warranty service within one year if there is any product problem.

d3s led conversion kit


  • Power: 70W/Per Bulb
  • Color Temp: 6500K
  • Diamond: White
  • Lumen/Pair: 12000LM
  • Waterproof Rate: IP68
  • Working Temp: -45℃~+105℃/ -45℉~+221℉
  • Connect Type: Plug and Play
  • Body Material: Aviation 6063 aluminum profile
  • Application: High Beam/Low Beam/Halogen Replacement
  • Lifespan: Up to 30,000 Hours

D1C LED Conversion Kit

Warm Tips:

How to choose the right LED headlight bulbs for your car?

1 Check your vehicle owner's manual or the original halogen bulb, which has the part number on it.

2. Ask questions in "Customer Q&A", write down your vehicle year, make and model, we will help you check.

3. The SUPAREE D3R LED headlights bulbs are suitable for 99% of the models on the market, except for the following models that may not be compatible with the D1S LED bulbs: 2009 Audi, 2005 frigate.

Do you know the necessity of upgrading to LED headlights bulb?

1. The yellow and dark lighting of original headlight will cause traffic accidents when driving at night or in extreme weather. But incorporating them into SUPAREE LED headlights bulbs in these situations improves the visibility of the car and reduces the risk of an accident.

2. The xenon bulb is made of high temperature resistant quartz tube. After 20 minutes of lighting, the high temperature of the quartz bulb of xenon lamp leads to a short life. D1S LED headlights bulbs use fins to dissipate heat, and have built-in double ball silent fans 360° for efficient heat dissipation, so as to quickly and effectively reduce the temperature of the lamp body.

3. LED headlights bulbs have the characteristics of energy-saving consumption and stable performance. One D3S LED headlight bulb is equivalent to 10 xenon lamp with 30,000 hours of working life. Calculated by driving for 2 hours a day, it can last for 40 years.


  • One-year

Package includes:

  • One pair of D3S D3R LED headlight bulbs plug N play 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
HID to LED Serious Upgrade

Wanted to replace the low beam HID lamps on my wife's 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited. Suparee recommended two replacement kits. After they answered all my silly questions, I ordered one on April 10. Received the 'kit' in a couple of days (no harness to by-pass the ballast, no decoder, etc., just two lamps with instructions). Installed the lamps a couple of days later. Not easily impressed but WOW, a superior upgrade. Lamps are awesome and so was the unparalleled customer service.

Kai McCoy
HID To LED In A Flash

At first I was a little unease about switching from HID bulbs to LED and using the same plugin and ballast setup. Let me tell you there is nothing to worry about. I has a Volvo with leveling and corner turning headlamps and these bulbs right here went in and function as they should. I 100% recommend these bulbs as an alternative to buying more $$$$ HID bulbs. They are about 40% brighter and no they do not blind on coming traffic due to there design. Mine are installed in projectors. They are worth every penny.

They worked perfect in my 2012 Audi a3 TDI sline

I put 4 star brightness because I don know what to compare them with to be perfectly honest. However they worked flawlessly didn mess up canbus and seem to be. If you got extra money to throw around get GTR Lighting Co lights..they are great.

Fantastic product

I bought these because my 2012 Audi Q5 headlights were not very bright. It only took 30 minutes to install these and were really great! They really light up the road and makes driving much safer.

Mike Kirouac
Excellent conversion to LED from HID

Just like the description said "plug and play". I had no issues changing out the expensive HID to LED. Turned on the switch and the fired up immediately.

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