200W Portable Power Banks Station for outdoor RV Emergency Backup

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The 200W Portable Power Station power supply is a safe, portable, stable small energy storage system. It is small in size and light in weight. It is suitable for power scenarios requiring mobile use. It can also be used in combination with solar panels. It is widely used in outdoor activities and emergency disaster relief.


  • 222Wh/200W lithium battery portable power supply : T200
  • -Battery: Li-ion-60000mAh=222Wh
  • -Inverter: Modified string-200W
  • -Charging: AC adapter + car charger + solar energy
  •  Discharging: AC110V/220V+DC12V+USB5V
  • -LED lighting: lighting/flashing/SOS
  • -QC3.0 fast charge: √
  • -Type-C output: √

Charging Methods:

  •  AC adapter: 15V3A-full charge time: 7-8 hours
  • Car charger: 13.6V1.8A-full charge time: 14 hours
  • Solar charging: 16V 50W-Full charging time: 7-8 hours (effective sunshine)-Full charging time: 14 hours (full time ≈ 2 days)

Multi-function drive various loads:

   1. AC 200W 110V/220V output:

  • 60W32" TV:: 3 hours +
  • 60W notebook: 3 hours +
  • 60W floor fan: 3 hours +
  • 40WCPAP: 4.7 hours +
  • drone: 3- 5 times

   2.DC 9-12.6V 10A output:

  • -60W car refrigerator: 3 hours +
  • -60W car vacuum cleaner: 3 hours +
  • -90W car air pump: 2 hours +
  • -5W LED light: 37 hours +
  • -24W LED tube: 7 hours +

   3.USB 5V 2.4A Output:

  • iphone 8-Plus: 15 times+
  • ipad Pro: 6 times+
  • GoPro: 35 times+
  • Camera: 14 times+
  • Bluetooth speaker: 50 times+

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nice Portable Power Banks Station

This portable solar generator is a necessity for us. We have had a few gas powered generators that have been so loud and it's normally when we need to use it that we find it doesn't want to start or run and nothing is worse than losing your entire freezer/fridge stock due to long electricity outages.
The noise level on this is very minimal, you would barely hear it if it was inside. It is a lot smaller than I expected but that's not necessarily a bad thing, this most definitely still has the juice to do what's needed, and is lightweight enough for even my toddler to grab if we needed her to (not that we would, just a comparison for how lightweight it is).
The cables are included to connect to an AC outlet and a car cigarette socket charger. I will be purchasing the solar panels to go along with it because that is extremely important if we lose power for days on end.
Overall this is a nice solar generator, the price is competitive with others of its kind, and this is handy in all sorts of situations. We go camping and stay overnight sometimes when we're going on buggy rides, so this being so compact it is nothing to pack up and take with us wherever we go. Even if just for charging our phones. The flashlight is useful also, we've gone a time or two and forgotten to check the flashlight batteries (not internationally) so having access to one if needed is perfect. I would buy this again, and can't wait to get the solar panels in so we can be ready for anything.

Kalyn Hostetler
Love this handy tool!

This generator is awesome and would certainly recommend it. Works well and is light weight and very compact for trips and camping especially.

Carol Ries
Great power source!

I have bought it a month ago becuase I want to use that for a trip to an island,
my phone, my speaker , Lighthouse and my iPad charged more that three different times. iteresting! it never dropped below 50% until the lasr day of campaing.
this portable charger is small and light wight so is relly easy to mount and you can space on your tent or even your bacpack. fast charging!! recomment to all camopers!

Gary D
Small and lightweight

Bought this to be an emergency power for a cpap and phones. It is is small and lightweight, was just what I was looking for

Camilla Nolen
Great product and great price

Ive only used the product twice, but have loved it so far. I have a portable 60w solar panel that I paired with it and use the power bank when car camping to run a fan, charge 2 phones and some usb string lights. Been perfect!

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