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What Should You Do If The Jeep Headlights Get Water? SUPAREE

What Should You Do If The Jeep Headlights Get Water?

  As we all know, when a car is driving under severe weather conditions such as fog, snow and heavy rain, or in a smoky environment, in particular, headlights are a crucial component in keeping drivers safe on the lane. The Jeep, in particular, is a classic off-roader that lives outdoors. Brightness of headlights is critical for Jeep. However, compared with simply not lighting up or being damaged, water ingress is really a headache.

  1. What causes Jeep headlights to fill with water?
  2. What can be done the condensation?
  3. How to protect your headlights?

What causes Jeep headlights to fill with water?

  A lot of heat will be generated at the moment when the headlights are turned on and even during the use of the headlights, in order to ensure the normal use of the headlights, the car will discharge the heat as much as possible through a ventilated rubber tube. However, the moisture in the air easily passes through this trachea, enters the headlights, and adheres to the lampshade, forming fog.

  In addition to weather changes, human factors can also cause fog in the headlights, such as vehicle wading, car washing, etc. When the vehicle is wading, since the engine and the exhaust system themselves are relatively large heat sources, a large amount of water vapor will be formed when rainwater drenches on them, and part of the water vapor will enter the headlights along the ventilation pipe.

  Some Jeep owners like to wash the engine compartment with a high-pressure water gun when washing the car. After washing, the accumulated water in the engine compartment is not dealt with in time. After the engine compartment cover is covered, the water vapor cannot be released quickly outside the car, and the water vapor in the engine compartment is stuffy. It is possible to get inside the headlight.


What can be done the condensation?

  After the headlights are turned on for a period of time, the fog will be discharged out of the lights through the vent pipe along with the heat, which will basically not damage the headlights. But never bake the headlights, it is easy to burn out the headlights.

  Check the unit vents for blockage and make sure the vents are free of debris, insects, and any other matter that could impede airflow. Of course, also try blowing canned compressed air through the vents to clean them thoroughly.

  When there's a lot of water in the headlight assembly, try removing the light cover and wiping it dry by hand. Pour off the water and wipe down the case with standard rubbing alcohol. Clean repeatedly until the lampshade is clean. Then dry them in the sun or in a warm place.


How to protect your Jeep headlights?

Put an end to inferior bulbs

  The performance of the bulb is very important, because it will affect the effect of night lighting and affect driving safety. And high-quality headlight bulbs are a powerful guarantee for safe driving.

 Do a good job in daily maintenance

  Cars need to be maintained daily, whether the oil filter needs to be replaced, whether the brakes are working, and the same headlight bulbs also need to be checked regularly to see if they are in good condition, and they also need to be replaced in time.

  Generally speaking, the brightness of the headlight bulbs will decrease every time the car travels 50,000 kilometers or about 2 years. At this time, you need to go to the 4S shop for inspection. Replace at the same time to keep the brightness uniform.

Adjust the lights by yourself

  During the annual inspection, it will be checked whether the position of the light beam is correct, that is to say, it is very important to ensure that the position of the light beam is correct. The correct beam position is the guarantee of safe driving and makes the vision clearer.

  In general, in winter and rainy seasons, it is best to require Jeep owners to develop the habit of regularly checking their lights. For example, it is necessary to check the vehicle after wading. Only by early detection and early remedy can the fault be eliminated in the bud stage in time.

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