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what is headlight sensitivity jeep compass? SUPAREE

What is Headlight Sensitivity Jeep Compass?

Is anyone else unhappy with their car's headlights? As far as I'm concerned, the sensitivity is far from mine. Most mornings going to work, I can pull down the visor, close the curtains, stare into the sun, and then the damn lights come on. Not a problem per se, but the dashboard and MyGig also dim their displays, making them unreadable ...... and I find they don't dim quickly in most oncoming traffic at night. Is there no way to adjust the sensitivity? I saw someone on some Dodge/Chrysler forums mention being able to adjust the sensitivity through some extended EVIC menu. Do we have something like that on WK?Stealer says there is no adjustment, but they also tried to tell me that my RER gets map updates from GPS satellites ..... There are a lot of text questions like this what exactly is causing this? The mystery is revealed here today ......


  1. What’s auto headlight sensitivity do?
  2. How do I adjust the sensitivity of the automatic headlights?

What’s auto headlight sensitivity do?

 According to the driving vehicle in the process of the outside light degree to open or close. If the outside light is dim to a certain extent, the automatic headlights will open, effectively enhance the driving safety factor. Wait until the back of the driving light slowly recovered, then the automatic headlights will automatically turn off, no manual shutdown, saving electricity.

Many people may think that, in fact, automatic headlights are mainly designed for a kind of headlights through the tunnel. In fact, this is not the case, the automatic headlights will have a delay in opening the phenomenon, that is, when the induction system has sensed that the light has become dark, it takes about ten seconds to open. According to traffic rules, the car into the tunnel before the headlights should be opened in advance, so it is still necessary to open manually in advance.

How do I adjust the sensitivity of the automatic headlights?

There are two automatic settings, one for turning on the headlights and turning off the daytime running lights when it is raining or dark.

The second is automatic high beam, which switches the high beam on or off depending on road conditions and lighting.

According to the owner's manual, the DRLs should be switched off when the headlights are on. Some of these functions can be controlled via the Uconnect app function in the multimedia settings. As it is a used car, maybe someone has manipulated the light controls to their liking? I would ask the dealer to reset the lights and check the sensors. I've seen some sensors affected by cobwebs and nicotine films。

It adjusts when the headlights turn on according to the lack of light. The more sensitive it is, the less darkness your lights will need to turn on.

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