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5 Ways to Make Your Jeep JK Look Cool SUPAREE

5 Ways to Make Your Jeep JK Look Cool

The Jeep Wrangler has a huge market for aftermarket accessories for personalizing it the way you want. Think of the Jeep Wrangler JK as a blank canvas. You can paint it as per your taste. The most popular upgrades include lift kits, roof racks, bumpers, headlights, and seat covers.


Lift Kits

Lift kits further enhance your Jeep's off-road credibility, rising ground clearance, and approach and departure angle, making it comfortable to overcome obstacles.


Roof Racks

Roof Racks help you with hauling large items and extra luggage. Some roof racks always allow you to deploy a camp up top for the Overlanding.



Jeep wrangler has a vast collection of aftermarket heavy duty steel bumpers that do survive little nicks and bumps from trail blazing. These also allow space for a heavy-duty winch and add to the jeep's appearance.


Jeep JK Headlights

You see, none of these upgrades make your Jeep look cooler and visually pleasing. This is where Jeep JK Headlights upgrades come into play. the Jeep JK headlights are the easiest way to make it stand out in a crowd while making your JK much cooler. Suparee 7-inch headlights with turn signal for Jeep Wrangler lights helps you achieve this goal easily. These upgrades also give you increased capability at the same time.

What are LEDs Lights?

LED lights are the modern equivalent of lanterns and candles. Every other light source you see is upgrading to LEDs for their ultra-high efficiency, usability, and flexibility. The automotive industry is no stranger to LEDs. That is why you will see LEDs incorporated into every other vehicle coming out on the market. So why not have your Jeep JK headlights take advantage of that? But before that, what exactly are LEDs and how do they work?


How do LED lights work?

For sake of simplicity, LEDs are light-emitting diodes, hence the name LEDs. They are essentially tiny light bulbs that fit into an electrical circuit. Unlike incandescent bulbs that require a heated filament to glow, they emit light solely through the flow of electrons in a semiconductor. Because they are semiconductor chips, they last longer than filament bulbs and are 90% more efficient in energy consumption. Not only this, they don’t get excessively hot. A little heat that is still produced is absorbed in the heat sink, further enhancing their life span by thousands of hours. Your Jeep JK headlights are also eligible for this upgrade at a low cost.


Advantages of having LED headlights?

The efficiency of LEDs is without a doubt its primary benefit. Incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat during the light-production process because the filament needs to be warmed up before it can glow. Because LEDs produce a negligibly small amount of heat, their efficiency is way better than the archaic incandescent bulbs. Additionally, they generate more lumens, or visible light, per watt of electricity utilized. When combined with its lengthy lifespan, one LED bulb can outlast 21 successive 60-watt incandescent lamps. Additional advantages include a controlled beam pattern and multi-color light output.


What are the features of Suparee 7-inch headlights with turn signal for Jeep Wrangler?

The Suparee 7-inch headlights with turn signal for further incorporates all the modern technology available to enhance the useability of Jeep JK headlights. In addition to this, they are now much cooler looking because of the modern design that uses amber turn signals. These LEDs give you freedom to choose the color of your Jeep JK headlights. You can call the Jeep JK Headlights multi-function because the list doesn’t end here.

You can connect our Suparee 7-inch headlights with turn signal for Jeep Wrangler through Bluetooth to control many more functions. Our Jeep JK Headlights upgrade also allows you to set the color of your choice, its gradient, a timing function so that they automatically change, and a music mode so that they are in sync with music beats. These 7-inch LED headlights also allow the amber turn signal to be more noticeable and vibrant to other drivers. They look better, have a longer life, and are a step toward safe driving.

Talking about functionality, the Suparee 7-inch headlights with turn signal for Jeep Wrangler uses 7-inch LED Headlights with High Low Beam and uses high-intensity Cree LED chips, making them 3 times brighter than traditional halogen lamps. It also makes use of the timing function, music mode, flashing function, manual control, and unlimited colors options and functions (blinking, flashing, brightness, etc.). All of this combines to make your Jeep JK headlights in line with the latest technology.

The Suparee 7-inch headlights with turn signal for Jeep Wrangler uses modern and innovative design, structure, and build. From the perspective of usage, these lights are pretty user-friendly, and the user doesn’t have to be an expert to operate them. You should be able to control your Jeep JK headlights relatively easily. For this purpose, there is one control box within the Jeep JK so that you can change all the functions if Bluetooth connection is not available. In addition to this, there is also a dedicated app so that it is more than easy to control the functionality of these RGB LEDs headlights.

When it comes to installation, a layman with basic know-how of tools can install them himself. This Do-It-Yourself freedom saves you from the additional cost of going to a mechanic and getting them installed. Regarding the water proofing, these lights come with an IP68 water proofing rating. This gives protection against contact with fine particles and protection against short periods of immersion in water while under pressure (between 15cm and 1m). Your Jeep JK Headlights upgrade will not compromise the wading depth.


Seat Covers

Personalized seat covers can completely overhaul the interior look. You can find a variety of offerings in the market from meshed fabric to vegan leather.


Upgrading your Jeep

All the mentioned upgrades, including the Jeep JK headlights, are worth considering if you own a Jeep JK or are willing to buy one. The Jeep JK headlight upgrade will make your Jeep JK truly yours. Our lights are built to last, and you will appreciate the timely upgrade. They put out a nice, clean white light that is just right for the Jeep JK headlights. They are easy to install and aesthetically pleasing irrespective of day or night. If interested, just head over to our website to place an order and it will be delivered on time. Not only this, we have some other lights and accessory upgrades available for Jeep JK, JL, JT, TJ, and YJ. We ensure quality in all our products, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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