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How to Replace Jeep wrangler JK Tail Light Assembly

If you're looking to upgrade the look of your Jeep JK and add a bit of visibility while you drive, replacing your old tail light fixtures with brighter Jeep LED tail light is a great way to go. With different colored lighting assemblies and patterns available, you'll be able to customize your vehicle and make it stand out. Follow these steps to quickly and easily replace the tail lights on your Jeep JK.

  1. Remove the old tail light
  2. Pull off the tail light
  3. Connect the new tail lights
  4. Test the new tail lights

Step 1 - Remove the old tail light

 Although it's easy, some people make the mistake of taking off all four screws on the tail light assembly when all they want to do is change the bulb. The last two screws keep the protective cover secured over the light assembly to prevent liquids from seeping into the inside, so all you need to do is take off those two screws to remove the tail light.

Step 2 – Pull off the tail light

To remove the tail light assembly, start by gently grasping each side of the assembly and pulling it outwards. Be sure to use a firm, steady grip so the light does not break. Once the light is free from the body of the vehicle, disconnect the wire plugs from the light bulbs. This will ensure that the light does not remain powered on and prevent any potential electrical damage. After disconnecting the wires, the tail light assembly can be removed from the vehicle.

Step 3 – Connect the new tail lights

Once disconnected, you can then take the new LED tail light assembly and connect it to the chassis transistor and bulb wires. This will enable the new lights bulbs, such as LEDs, to be powered by the Jeep's existing wiring.

Step 4 – Test the new tail lights

After the installation of the tail light integrated for Jeep JK, it is necessary to check whether the light function can be used normally.Turn the light switch on, and Start the engine to check if the taillight is working.

If not, you can check with 5 steps:
(1) Use a multimeter to check the working voltage of the Jeep JK tail lights to ensure stable voltage;
(2) Check the connection lines of the tail lights to make sure there is no poor contact;
(3) Use a multimeter to check the power consumption of the Jeep JK tail lights to ensure that the power consumption is within the normal range;
(4) Use visual inspection to check the lighting effect of the Jeep JK tail lights to ensure uniform lighting;
(5) Use a projector to check the illumination range of the Jeep JK tail lights to ensure that the illumination range is wide enough.

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