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Professional led offroad lights  manufacturer since 2009

Become A Distributor/DEALER

Are you a reliable and reputable distributor of high-quality offroad lighting products or automotive parts? If so, we would like to invite you to become a distributor of SUPAREE Products! We are proud to manufacture LED lights and other car accessories for off-road industry.

Our products are distributed through a trusted distributor network throughout North America, South America, and Japan. At SUPAREE Products, we provide special distributor pricing to our distribution partners, and can even guide them on how to sell our lights. Learn more about the benefits of being a distributor of SUPAREE Products.

Why to Become a SUPAREE Products Distributor/DEALER

Whether a small-time operation or a global distribution company, SUPAREE Products works with distributors of all shapes and sizes. Our distributors enjoy a fruitful partnership with SUPAREE Products that promises discounted pricing and lots of opportunity for sizable profit margins. Our products help solve lighting needs across a variety of industries, and we can even develop custom lighting solutions for unique needs. Known as “The Leader in Lights”, we take pride in our commitment to offering quality products, providing quality service, and being a quality partner to our distributors. All of these factors make us easy to work with and make our products easy to sell.

Your distributor pricing will be based on your anticipated annual volume and your credit history.  We also sell to customers in Japan, Europe, and South America and offer special pricing for them. Looking for to become a wholesaler? pls send email to

How to Become a Distributor/DEALER

A partnership with SUPAREE Products offers many benefits that you will enjoy. To start, it is a very simple, straightforward process to apply. Simply complete the form below to connect with one of our representatives. We look forward to a mutually-beneficial partnership with you!

Suparee Lighting specialized in wholesales car led light and other car accessories, has professional sales and designer teams, accepts customized service, in order to win-win cooperation, we are looking for agents and distributors all over the world.

Not an Authorized Dealer yet? Fill out our Dealer Inquiry or send email to for assistance.

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  • 2009.12 - The company has been officially established, building Alibaba International Station platform business(B2B)
  • 2010.5 - B2B team gradually matured and achieved good development opportunities
  • 2010.12 - Attended the American Auto Parts and Modification Exhibition in early November every year
  • 2013- Embark on a B2C business journey and build a team to become an integrated cross-border e-commerce wholesale and retail company
  • 2014- Open the first Amazon US store(B2C)
  • 2015- We launched a B2B Japanese language channel and began operating the Suparee US store
  • 2017- Launch of Shopify business project, and official launch of the independent platform of the Suparee brand
  • 2018- Established a branch in Changsha, forming an independent product line and brand
  • 2021- Establish a brand department and create a "suparee" owned brand
  • 2023- Determine the company's three major strategies for the next three years: "Super Product Line, Agile Supply Chain, and Suparee Automotive Lighting Brand"
  • 2024- Focus on and promote the "suparee" brand of automotive lighting


We recognize that in order to be the best led light brand, we need to focus on quality control!

Suparee with more than ten years of led light products manufacturing experience.Modern production facility, from product design, mold, mold forming, and production, metal processing, product assembly and generation, product aging and testing, product quality inspection and packaging; There are 8 workshops including r&d department, production planning department, design department, mold workshop and production workshop,etc.

If you cannot find any off-the-shelf products suitable for the project, let Suparee's professional customization service help.

15 years development of Off-road Lights OEM/ODM. Suparee has professional automotive lights knowledge and rich experience in manufacturing, You are warmly welcome to wholesale lights. Professional R&D Team will serve you.

  • Inquiry:  Customers tell the desired form factor, performance specifications, and other requirements.

  • Design:  The design team is involved from the start of a project to ensure the best custom designed products to suit clients’ needs.

  • Quality Management:  In order to supply high quality structures, we maintain an effective & efficient Quality Management System.

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