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About Membership

Suparee Membership Overview

Membership Tiers and Benefits

The Suparee Membership Program consists of three tiers, each offering distinct exclusive privileges and premium services:

1. Regular Member

  • Exclusive Discount: Enjoy a 9% discount coupon, allowing you to purchase Suparee car lights at more affordable prices.
  • Extended Warranty: All Suparee car lights come with a 2-year warranty. Regular members receive an additional 1-year extended warranty, for a total of 3 years of warranty coverage.
  • Priority After-sales: Enjoy priority access to Suparee's official after-sales services, ensuring prompt resolution of any issues you may encounter.

2. Platinum Member

  • Upgrade Benefits: Upon becoming a Platinum member, you will receive a one-time 100 points reward, redeemable for order discounts or gift redemption.
  • Exclusive Discount: Enjoy an 8% discount coupon, offering greater savings and allowing you to easily benefit from our promotions.
  • Exquisite Gift: Receive a complimentary gift of exquisite car light accessories as a token of our appreciation.
  • Dedicated Service: Enjoy one-on-one dedicated customer service, ensuring prompt answers to your inquiries and efficient service experiences.

3. Diamond Member

  • Upgrade Benefits: Upon becoming a Diamond member, you will receive a one-time 500 points reward, redeemable for order discounts or luxurious gift redemption.
  • Exclusive Discount: Enjoy the ultimate 7.5% discount, allowing you to purchase Suparee car lights at the most favorable prices.
  • Free Upgrade: All Suparee car lights will be upgraded to the top configuration at no additional cost, enabling you to experience the most exceptional lighting performance.
  • Dedicated Service: Enjoy one-on-one dedicated customer service, along with 24-hour rapid response services, ensuring that your issues are addressed promptly.


How to Become a Member

Becoming a Suparee member is simple and straightforward:

  1. Register an Account: Register a Suparee account to become a Suparee member.
  2. Complete Information: Fill out your personal information, including your name and contact details, in your personal center.
  3. Accumulate Spending: Accumulate a designated spending amount to automatically upgrade your membership tier.

Spending Requirements for Upgrades:

  • Regular Member to Platinum Member: Accumulate a minimum spending of 1000 $
  • Platinum Member to Diamond Member: Accumulate a minimum spending of 5000 $

Membership Points

The Suparee Membership Program implements a points system. You can earn points through the following methods:

  • Online Purchases: Earn 1 point for every 1 $ spent.
  • Event Participation: Participate in member-exclusive events organized by Suparee to earn additional points.
  • Reviews and Photo Sharing: Post reviews and share photos of your purchased products to receive points rewards.

Points can be used for the following purposes:

  • Order Discounts: 1 point can be redeemed for 1 $ off your order.
  • Gift Redemption: Points can be exchanged for various gifts, including Suparee car light accessories and electronic products.

Exclusive Member Services

In addition to enjoying exclusive privileges based on your membership tier, Suparee members also benefit from the following:

  • Dedicated Member Channels: Access dedicated member service channels for prompt resolution of your concerns.
  • Exclusive Member Events: Regularly held exclusive member events offering discounted prices and exquisite gifts.
  • Birthday Privileges: Enjoy exclusive birthday privileges on your special day.

Join the Suparee Membership Program, unlock more privileges and services, and embark on your exceptional shopping experience!

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If you have any questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact Suparee customer service:

Suparee eagerly awaits your membership!

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