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Jeep Wrangler Two-Door Gets Bigger and Badder with New 35-Inch Tire Option

Jeep Wrangler Two-Door Gets Bigger and Badder with New 35-Inch Tire Option

Jeep fans, rejoice! The iconic two-door 2024 Jeep Wrangler is getting a major upgrade that will make it even more capable and adventurous than ever before. For the first time in history, Jeep is offering a factory-installed option to equip the Wrangler Rubicon and Willys two-door models with massive 35-inch tires, giving them unparalleled performance and presence on and off the road.

Xtreme 35 Tire Package

The new option, called the Xtreme 35 Tire Package, was announced by Jeep on January 24, 2024, following the success of the same package on the four-door Wrangler models. The package costs $4,495 and includes not only the 35-inch BF Goodrich K02 all-terrain tires, but also beadlock-capable 17-inch wheels, a reinforced rear swing gate, a 4.56:1 axle ratio, and a 1.5-inch suspension lift with specially tuned dampers.

Jeep Wrangler Two-Door Gets Bigger and Badder with New 35-Inch Tire Option

Improving Its Key Off-Road Metrics

The Xtreme 35 Tire Package enhances the Wrangler's legendary 4x4 capability and go-anywhere attitude by improving its key off-road metrics, such as approach angle, breakover angle, departure angle, ground clearance, and water fording. According to Jeep, the two-door Wrangler Rubicon and Willys models with the Xtreme 35 Tire Package have the following specifications:

  • Approach angle – 47.2 degrees
  • Breakover angle – 32.4 degrees
  • Departure angle – 40.4 degrees
  • Ground clearance – 12.6 inches
  • Water fording – 34 inches

These numbers make the two-door Wrangler with the Xtreme 35 Tire Package the best-in-class in terms of breakover angle, and one of the most formidable off-road vehicles in the market. The 35-inch tires also give the Wrangler a more aggressive and muscular look, as well as a smoother and quieter ride on the pavement.

More Capability And More Adventure

Bill Peffer, senior vice president and head of Jeep brand North America, said in a press release that the new option was a response to the demand of the passionate Jeep Wrangler customers who always want more capability and more adventure.

"Our passionate Jeep Wrangler customers are always asking for more – more capability and more adventure – so it's a natural follow up to the success we've seen on the four-door Wrangler to now – for the first time – offer the 35-inch Tire Package on the two-door Wrangler," Peffer said. "These 35-inch BF Goodrich KO2 tires on the two-door Willys and Rubicon models deliver extreme capability, including best-in-class breakover angle of 32.4 degrees, straight from the factory with a factory warranty."

Jeep Wrangler Two-Door Gets Bigger and Badder with New 35-Inch Tire Option-2

The Xtreme 35 Tire Package is available to order now for the Rubicon model and will be available later this quarter for the Willys model. The package is also standard on the new two-door Wrangler Rubicon X, which is the ultimate expression of Wrangler capability and comes with additional features such as steel bumpers, an integrated trail camera, and a 6.4-liter V8 engine.

The 2024 Jeep Wrangler two-door models with the Xtreme 35 Tire Package are expected to hit the dealerships in the spring of 2024. If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these beasts, you can visit to learn more and build your own. 


The 2024 Jeep Wrangler two-door with the Xtreme 35 Tire Package is a dream come true for many Jeep enthusiasts who have been longing for a factory option to add bigger tires to their beloved vehicles. With this new option, Jeep has once again proven its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction and has cemented its reputation as the leader in the off-road segment.

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