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Increase the brightness of Jeep headlights in 4 steps SUPAREE

Increase the brightness of Jeep headlights in 4 steps

 Nighttime driving is inherently more dangerous than daytime trips. Despite the artificial light provided by streetlamps and headlights, the darkness can conceal road hazards, pedestrians, and nocturnal creatures. Driving after sunset becomes even more challenging when your own headlights are not performing as they should. If you notice your Jeep headlights are suddenly dimmer or the brightness is fluctuating, there is likely a problem lurking under the hood of your Jeep that needs addressing.

Most Jeep owners are very concerned about how to increase the brightness of the Jeep headlights, but everything has to be analyzed from the source, so first of all we have to understand why the lights are dimmed.

  • Why the Jeep headlights so dim?
  • How to increase the brightness of Jeep headlights?

Why the Jeep headlights so dim?


Is your headlight covering dark? If the answer is yes, then there is a huge probability that it is dirty. The darkening may come about due to the exhaust fumes from other vehicles, mud, and other debris present on the road. The good thing is that it is easy to deal with dirt, where a quick wash will do the trick.

Burnt-Out Bulbs

If the headlights are dimmed, the bulb may be blown out. Bulbs wear out over time and dim until they eventually fail. If you ever experience a burnt out bulb, it must be replaced for travel safety. This issue may point to other potential issues, especially if it is consistent. Dimmed lights could be a sign of a problem with your alternator, which you should check out.

Lights Oxidation 

The headlight lens -- the plastic piece that covers the bulb -- is usually made of acrylic. The material is known for chemically reacting with the sun's ultraviolet rays. Over time, your lenses can oxidize - causing them to look foggy, cloudy or yellow. Oxidation creates opaque shades that don't let light through like clear lenses. This can make your headlights look dim, even if you have brand new bulbs.

Wiring Troubles

Your headlight bulb is made up of a series of electrical components. In most vehicles, this includes the wiring harness and fuses. These components provide the electricity needed to fuel your headlights. Wiring problems can cause your headlights to dim, misfire, or stop working entirely. While wiring problems are rare, they are not unheard of. They're also more likely to show up if you've had your headlights changed recently or attempted any DIY repairs.

Bad Wiring Issue

Water Vapor

The headlight is usually airtight, and water cannot get in. However, with wear and tear, some water droplets may find their way into the bulb compartment as vapor; when the vapor settles, it forms water droplets, which, when combined with dirt, can make the lamp be yellow or have a brownish shade.

How to increase the brightness of Jeep headlights?

1.Clean the Jeep headlights

Start by removing the residual dirt from the headlight, using soap and water.If the headlight is oxidized, you can use the sandpaper to help remove the haziness.Spray water on both the sandpaper and the headlight to reduce friction, which can further degrade the exterior. 

After you complete the scrubbing, wash the area with some water and use a paper towel to remove excess water. Then apply some rubbing alcohol to remove any oils or dirt on the surface. Now bring in the clear coat, which you shake first, then spray evenly on the headlight.

2.Replacing Worn-out bulbs

If you want to brighten up your Jeep headlights with the brightest headlights available, LEDs are the way to go. For night vision, the LEDs emit a spectacular bright white color, especially if you're having trouble driving in the dark.

3.Clean, Restore and Replace Headlight Lens

At times, your headlights may start to blur and lose their beam pattern. This is usually because of buildup under the headlight lens. Restoring headlights can make them look cleaner and brighter without changing bulbs. You can further amplify the light by replacing the existing housing with one with more reflective properties.

GENSSI Jeep Wrangler JK Headlight Grille Installation Guide - YouTube

4.Install External Driving Lights

Purchasing additional lights is a great way to improve your headlight beam whilst upgrading your Jeep’s safety level. SUPAREE always be your great choice.These additional fittings to the Jeep’s body can help you see clearer and drive better in areas with unlit streets. If you live in areas where you need to go off-roading, installing external features like fog lights or high-intensity beams can be a good fix.

During the use of the car light, as the use time increases, the brightness of the light will gradually decrease after reaching the peak value, and the process of light attenuation is light attenuation.

If you’re looking for the best Jeep headlight , head over to SUPAREE. Our Jeep headlights all LED and plug N play with 1-year wrantty. Avail the expertise of our trained professionals for the best Jeep care services.

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