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How Many Slots In A Jeep Grille? All you need to know! SUPAREE

How Many Slots In A Jeep Grille? All you need to know!

When it comes to Jeep, many will think of its iconic grille with some slots, which we can see on almost all Jeep models. But do you know how many slots does it have? Why? Has it always been there? How to express your personality through these slots? It’s pretty interesting, and here’s how it started. So let’s see: How many slots in a jeep grille?

  1. How many slots in a jeep grille? 
  2. Why the slots in it?
  3. How to decorate these slots?

How many slots in a jeep grille?

Jeep Gladiator JT Scrambler | IGOTAJEEP

7 slots.One of the most distinguishable features of Jeep is the iconic seven-slot grille design which can be seen on all Jeep models.

From more than 70 years ago to the present, Jeep's 7-slot design has long been its symbol, that is, its family-style design.

Why the slots in it?

Jeep originally had 9 slots in their grille but reduced it by 2 after WWII to honor the sacrifice the war-torn Jeeps had made and to signify Jeeps achievement of being the first vehicle to have been driven on all 7 continents.

Of course, the original design was to ventilate the engine room and dissipate heat from the water tank. Up to now, the classic 7 book-shaped air intake grilles have become the unique culture and logo of the JEEP brand, which is what we often call "family front face".

Some say that these slots just like 7 holes on the face. And can be used to grill hamburgers or worked to hold the front region of the jeep together.

How to decorate these slots?

Many modified jeep grilles are directly replaced by the original factory grilles, ignoring that we can directly modify them from these iconic slots.

SUPAREE is committed to creating products that satisfy customers. Here are two recommendations for you, one is basic white lighting, and the other is with RGB function.

 New design appearance makes your vehicle more distinctive and stand out. Those led grille lights are used to provide better visibility and safety during driving. And our grille lights kit doesn’t have harsh light, which will out blind other drivers or passerby.

All in all, when Jeep Wrangler has introduced in the market, the change in the number of grille and slots was done so that there could be a new trademark for this brand. This gave rise to the signature style of the seven-slot grille in jeeps which is still seen in all models. 

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