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Suparee 16 FT Trampoline
Suparee 16 FT Trampoline
Suparee 16 FT Trampoline
Suparee 16 FT Trampoline
Suparee 16 FT Trampoline

Suparee 16 FT Trampoline

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Safety rules keep in mind to avoid injuries:
1. Always monitor small children when they are jumping, recommended for children and adults ages 6 years and up.
2. Set some ground rules for kids, including how many people are allowed to jump at once, no somersaults or bumping each other, etc.
3. Carefully inspect the trampoline from time to time to make sure that springs are not exposed and the netting and padding is properly in place.
4. Weight limits matter, so follow the product guidelines.
5. Follow directions carefully when setting up the trampoline and leave enough space around the perimeter.


This trampoline will bring you happiness while keeping you healthy and shaping your body. We all know how beneficial cardio exercises are for our health, and that is the reason we do running. Moderate intensity trampoline jumping, when performed regularly, not only strengthens our muscles but also increases our heart rate which will then ensure better circulation of oxygen in our body.


Safeseal System - This 16FT trampoline with enclosures feature a 360-degree safety net that is securely attached to the jumping mat all the way around, reducing the risk of an arm or leg falling through. A full enclosure with a zipper door surely lends you peace in mind. The rust-resistant steel 4-step ladder helps you get onto your trampoline quickly and safely. There's a backboard, You can play basketball in it.
Premium Bouncing Experience - High-strength trampoline mat woven together that able to handle constant flexing, making it durable and soft on your feet. 108 galvanized springs evenly stretched around the mat ensure a smooth and responsive bounce.
Built with Durability - Heavy gauge galvanized steel frame forms 6 W-shaped legs provide a stable base for the jumping zone. The joins are press-fitted onto each frame piece to reduce frame noise and movement between sections and ultimately reduces overall wear and tear.
Fun Features - Jumping is more fun by adding a basketball goal, which will keep your kids busy all day.


Color: Green, Blue, Black
Package Included: 3 Packages
Weight Capacity: 375 lbs.
Approx. dimension & weight:

Sub-item 1 | Package Quantity:1
length(inches): 53.15
Sub-item 2 | Package Quantity:1
Sub-item 3 | Package Quantity:1
length(inches): 46.65
width(inches): 22.83
height(inches): 8.27
weight(lbs): 55.12
Please Notes: The trampoline will be shipped out in 3 packages separately after you ordered it.