H4 to H9 H8 H11 Wire Harness Adapters Splitter Harness For Dual Beam Headlights Motorcycle

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Product Number: SSP-JK157


1. FITMENT- Needed on all 2014 or newer Street Glides and Road Kings. It adapts the dual bulb Harley Davidson harness to a single plug to connect directly to your LED headlight.
2. PLUG AND PLAY - Make your bike plug and play! Allows you to use any LED headlight with your Street Glide or Road King without any modification to the wire. Direct plug and play set up.
3. HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED THIS ADAPTER? - When looking at the headlight, there will either be one or two headlight bulbs inside the headlight assembly. If you have two bulbs in the main housing, you will need this adapter harness. It will look like one bulb on top of the other. One will be for high beam and one bulb will be for low beam.
4. HIGH QUALITY -Made with High-Quality Delphi Connectors and durable 14 gauge wiring. Made to last and give a secure connection between an LED headlight and your bike.


Fits all of these applications with dual bulb headlight systems:

2014 and newer Harley Davidson CVO;
2014 and newer Road King;
2014 and newer Road King Special;
2014 and newer Street Glide;
2014 and newer Street Glide Special;
2014 and newer Road Glide;
2014 and newer Touring models.

Package includes:

1 x H4 to H9 H8 H11 Wire Harness Adapters