Rock Lights Install (SUPAREE LED Rock Lights)

6pcs LED Rock Light White:

SUPAREE LED Rock Lights:


rock lights white

SUPAREE 6 Pods new LED rock light kits, waterproof underflow LED neon trail rig lights for car truck ATV UTV Baja raptor offroad boat trail rig lamp.


led rock lights  6 offroad off road led light  6 offroad lights

Durable design:

  1. Die-cast aluminum housingshockproof waterproof better.good heat dissipation, light decay, paint dusting aging.
  2. PC lens of LED light thick reinforced, long-term use does not exist lens yellowing.
  3. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: it can be used in rain or harsh environments.
  4. 50, 000 hrs life span.
  5. Easy installation, Plug & PalyDIY style, could be mounted anywhere you want. Perfect for car's underbody interior exterior etc.

Can be placed anywhere:

  • The DIY style could be mounted anywhere you want.
  • Flexible design makes it easy to mount anywhere you want. Perfect for car's underbody interior exterior etc.

6 pods Lights for JEEP Off Road Truck Car ATV SUV Motorcycle Under Body Glow Light Lamp (White)Waterproof Underglow LED Neon Trail Rig Lights for Car Truck ATV UTVOffroad Boat Trail Rig Lamp Underbody Glow (White)

Voltage: 12-24 V


Power: 9 W

Ingress protection: IP68

LED quantity: 3 pcs CREE XBD Size: 2.76" Extra wire: 3.6M LED color: White available

Package including

  1. 6PCS CREE LED Rock Light Kits
  2. Mounting brackets kits.

Can be placed anywhere: DIY style, could be mounted anywhere you want.

rock light for trucksatv led rock lightswhite rock lights waterproofled rock light kit

LED Rock Lights White Kit for JEEP Off Road Truck Auto Car Boat ATV SUV Waterproof


  • Made for all makes and models.
  • Fit for car, truck, offroad, boat deck, sportbikes, cruisers, touring, ATV's etc.
  • Widely used in car lights, car lights, off-road lights, headlight machinery, agricultural machinery, construction lights, headlight excavators, forklift lights, snow lights, light armored vehicles, and other vehicles with lighting.